Emerging realities

November 9, 2012  |  News

International student workshop an the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.
Systemic design for the Venetian Lagoon

In the pursuit of the most prized commodities of our time – energy and food – the VENICE EMERGING REALITIES workshop envisions the Venice Lagoon archipelago as a prototype for a future metropolitan regional system. At this moment in time, when the modern myth of unlimited growth reveals visible cracks, a new productive landscape, capable of supporting a regional community is thought to establish an integrated and environmentally stable system that builds upon existing biodiversity, cultural practice and production. EMERGING REALITIES thus attempts to focus on local specific city, on inventiveness and on a newly defined role of systemic thinking to render architecture and landscape as key disciplines to envision this future cultural practice.

Aldo Cibic and Tommaso Corà toke part at the workshop with the lecture “Cultivating a community“, at Spazio Spiazzi, November 12, 2012.

For further informations:
www.ial.tugraz.at : institute for architecture and landscape at Tu Graz
infospiazzi.blogspot.it : Spazio Spiazzi

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