Happy Carpets

January 20, 2012  |  Design, Highlight, News

“Happy Carpets” is a carpet collection realized by Moret with oldest traditional techniques in Ushak, the historic center of carpet manufacturing in Anatolia
Carpets are handmade using precious materials such as wool, linen and silk.

From the book “Aldo Cibic Happy Carpets”:

The carpets and their multiple levels of interpretation

Each carpet arouses various feeling and has multiple levels of interpretation. Initially, you’re struck by the balance of colours of a lively, soft decoration telling you that you are looking at a real carpet.
But then you notice that in these carpets the decorations – once they were patterns from ancient traditions – have become small men holding hands, or animals conjuring up Noah’s Ark or a series of vegetable motifs, which like the others, however, always have an abstract or surreal design. Each symbol and character conveys its own story open to various possible imaginings.
The last level is the material level. It’s the result of various combinations of wool, silk, linen and other precious yarns that create high and low relief effects as well as reflections of a special light. These unexpected effects endow the carpets with colours and shades that change according to the onlooker’s position

Aldo Cibic

Aldo Cibic Happy Carpets
Design by Aldo Cibic with Elena Xausa and Tommaso Corà
Photos by Martina Facci, Moret Archive

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For further informations:
Happy carpets, the book on www.cibicworkshop.com

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