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October 26, 2012  |  News

“Cultivating a community”. dialogue between Aldo Cibic and Giovanni Leoni
part of “Next Future”, a conference program of
“The Science Festival”, 30th October 2012, Genova

Today economic and social scenarios show children need a guidance in choosing their studies and their career. The objective of “Next Future”, a project initiated and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, is to create a research and exchange program for education, business and production, public and private institutions, enhancing out the potential development.

30 dialogues will be scheduled in a six days program, dedicated to 180 students selected from all italian secondary schools. 180 students will meet 60 experts who will talk about their life, education and professional experiences.

The aim is to let students talk with experts who work with different skills in the same production field facing every day similar society’s problems and trying to solve those problems integrating theory and practice, science and life experience.

Live Streaming on tuesday 30th october, 9:00 am

Cultivating a community:
from monoculture agricultural, social and economic diversification.
Aldo Cibic – architect and designer, Giovanni Leoni – farmer
Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Maggior Consiglio

Next Future, the program: click here to download the PDF file. (only italian).

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