TobeUs: La Turbina

January 11, 2013  |  Design, News

A toy born from a project: a design as well as a life project.
Made of ceddar wood: aromatic, beautiful, natural.
An ecological toy: strong, simple.
A thought to be tought: respect, reuse, sustainability.
A toy for children, men and women of tomorrow.

We vaguely recall that playing is a serious matter, as designer Bruno Munari used to say.
That’s why we thought about a made of wood toy: sturdy, warm, indestructible. Few gestures to shape some recognizable models: the sports car, the saloon, the security van, the pick-up, the romantic one. The grain, the luscious cedarwood scent. Only the designer’s and the carpenter’s hands. A long lasting toy, to be preserved while it gets old. To be passed on to other children, to the sons of the sons, for ever and ever, being aware to give memories and valuables, not merely a toy.

Aldo Cibic was part of TobeUs project designing “La Turbina” (The Turbine) for the exhibition “100% TobeUs” on show in December 2012 at the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan.

TobeUs is craftsmanlike product, entirely handmade. A one size block of wood, a single cut that shapes the sports car, the romantic one, the pick-up, the saloon, the security van, etc..TobeUs products are made of cedar of Lebanon: a dense, spicy and long-lasting wood. Its peculiar scent has a natural anti-moths effect. Wheels are made of mahogany: a hard, dense and yet easy to work wood showing also a very fine and precious grain. No paints are used on TobeUs toys.

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TobeUs project was developed by Matteo Ragni
La Turbina (The Turbine) was designed by Aldo Cibic with Tommaso Corà.
All the products are handmade and manufactured in Brianza by Mastro Giovanni
Product Management by Matteo Beraldi
Photos by Sabine Schweigert – Luca Corvatta
Texts by Elisa Massoni

For further informations: : TobeUs

Cibicworkshop is the research center founded by Aldo Cibic.

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