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Woodwork. Studio Mumbai and Cibicworkshop for Paola C.

Woodwork is a collection that has the unique quality of being made by skilled craftsmen, using simple tools and created from pieces with a fine and poetic primitivism. The teak chopsticks of the hand-carved trays, the curves of the wood dowels, the combination of woods in different colors and finishes, the sensual polished surfaces and patterns create sculpted surfaces that bear a small exotic touch of magic that in some way reminds us of how boundless is the expressive richness that the hand of man can continually produce.

“Meeting Bijoy Jain and the projects of Studio Mumbai, led to the idea of organizing an exhibition of objects made from exotic wood. The pieces of the collection were handmade in the incredible workshop that is located in the forest south of Mumbay where fifty or so indian craftsmen together with students, architects and designers from all over the world, work together. The result, is a collection of wood objects designed by Bijoy Jeain and Aldo Cibic, two different personalities that come together creating a poetic work that is strongly influenced by the collective efforts of the craftsmen and designers of Studio Mumbai.”
Aldo Cibic

“The life of an object is dependent upon the different understanding and interpretation that we may have. whether original, transformed or personalized, every object has the innate ability to tell a story; from the initial intent of the craftsman’s gesture and choice,to its past and potential use. This consideration, conscious or not, remains ambiguous, existing as part and whole, between idea and reality.”
Bijoy Jain

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Woodwork. Studio Mumbai and Cibicworkshop for Paola C
design by Studio Mumbai and Cibicworkshop.
exhibit photos by Andrea Martiradonna
collection photos by Studio Mumbai

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